Haarlem and I

For the 775-year anniversary of Haarlem, gallery Artvark came up with a marvellous idea. This plan gets more and more defined in consultation with Eric J. Coolen, Anouk Rosenhart and Bies van Ede.
There will be one large work of art for the city, consisting of hundreds of small booklets (leporello’s) that will be filled by all inhabitants of Haarlem and handed in together to form the ‘friends library’.

It is a present for the city, a time document consisting all creative thoughts of the city in words and images. This project is called: Haarlem and I

I decided to make a booklet about: The color of time. I looked for images in the city with the specific corrosion patina color: bronze statues, church towers and other objects that reflected time.

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