Iris van Zanten (1971) graduated in 1996 at the Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam and gets her Master, History of Art at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She’s interested in Romanesque art, especially the naïvety in depicting faces, linear perspective and decorative patterns. The quite humorous images from the Romanesque art caught her interest in the University.

Photo: Ilse Huizinga

It is a quest for finding the essence; looking for the most effective expressions, gestures and attributes to depict a story. In a way, it is a challenge using universal themes from the Bible or mythology, because they are depicted in so many ways in art history. Iris loves to find a new image within the theme.To achieve some softness in her paintings, like a fresco, she developed a technique with sand, bone glue and Van Dyck Brown prepared surfaces on wich she paints with pigments, ink and acrylic.

Photo: André Roosendahl www.andreroosendahl.nl

She lives and works in Haarlem, The Netherlands teaching visual art on a secondary school and since the beginning of 2018 she is the curator of Pakje Kunst®.